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Isenzo's Digital Signage Cloud platform has all the tools to make make complex scheduling a breeze.

Isenzo Cloud Scheduling features

Advanced Scheduling Overview

An owner of a restaurant chain has a single playlist of assets that they would like to send to screens in all their restaurants. Trouble is, there are multiple screens per restaurant each playing different content. Some are displaying menu A and some menu B. There are promotional screens as well as screens located in the male and female washrooms playing advertising content. To make matters even more complicated, there are restaurants dotted around the country that need to display content in different languages as well as specialty outlets catering to niche clientele. Once the network infrastructure in this restaurant chain has been setup correctly, schedulers then need only create one playlist and by simply applying the appropriate properties to media assets, the system will do all the tedious complicated work of delivering the content.

Isenzo Cloud has all the tools to make make complex scheduling a breeze:

Digital Signage Group Scheduling

Asset playlists target a specific collection of players that share common playback properties in a network.

Digital out of home advertising cloud platform with tagging

User defined tags allow users to target specific assets to specific players in a player group. This could be by demographic category, language or any other tag category imaginable.

DooH Cloud platform with filtering

Exclusion tags also allows you to exclude certain assets from playing on specific players.

Isenzo Cloud Date Range ability to schedule players

Date range definitions allow you to set the dates assets should start or stop playing.

Isenzo Cloud time of day scheduler

Day parts give you even more granular control over specific time periods in a day the asset should play. For example you could have morning and afternoon menus in a playlist. The system will take care of when these assets should play.

Audio zones in the digital signage cloud

Audio zones overlay audio tracks onto existing content.

HTML Widgets
HTML5 Widgets for Digital Signage apps.

Create multi-media content that combines live data with animation. Perfect for menus, exchange rates, weather and other information displays where elements of the display need to refresh automatically. Also suitable for automating Twitter, RSS and other media feeds. Schedule widgets as full screen content or part of a multi-zone layout.

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Monitoring Alerts
The Isenzo Digital Signage platform comes with advance audience measurement and analytics built in.

Digital Signage screens are highly visible touchpoints for your business - any outage needs to be detected and resolved as soon as possible. Real-time monitoring and notification features enables system admins to quickly identify and resolve issues related to player health, screen status, content delivery and communication uplinks.

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Video on Demand
Video on Demand supported on the Isenzo Digital Signage platform.

Increase the value of your existing signage network by delivering supplementary content like training videos, product demos and internal communications. VOD media is delivered along with the regular schedule and can be accessed on demand, using a remote control. Includes proof of view logging and a variety of play modes.

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