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Add dynamic weather and clock widgets to your digital signage layouts and playlists.

Isenzo cloud offers a widget based digital advertising platform.

HTML5 Widgets

Screens don't always display predefined scheduled content. To make content more engaging for viewers or to fulfill specific business use cases, live or dynamic content may be required on-screen. Information is shared across the internet between disparate systems through an Application Programming Interface (API). The HTML5 specification and JavaScript make it possible to develop applications for just about any use case. As long as you can display it in a web browser, we support it! So whether you want to display weather conditions in various cities or venues across your network, expose a moderated Twitter feed displaying Tweets relevant to your brand or create a completely bespoke widget displaying specific company information in your own unique way, our fully compliant HTML5 engine has you covered.

We make it possible for users to include HTML5 widgets directly into a playlist. These widgets are treated as media assets and this offers powerful and flexible ways to make use of all the advanced scheduling available to traditional media assets to HTML5 widgets as well. This also makes it possible to mix and match widgets and videos or images together in a scheduled playlist. The sky is literally the limit!

Multi-zone layouts divide your screen into multiple areas to display a variety on content types in different zones.

Widget templates get things like weather, Twitter, image slideshows and RSS up and running in no time with various configurable properties.

Bespoke widgets - Want to create your own bespoke widget and have a team of designers and programmers to do one for you? No problem. As long as the HTML5 package is compliant, all the required assets are contained in it and it is correctly zipped into an archive, you will be able to upload it to the Isenzo Cloud servers. Your widget will be displayed as an asset. Simply add it to a playlist and we will deploy it to your screens for playback.

Advanced Scheduling
Schedule marketing content on the Isenzo digital signage cloud platform.

Content schedulers love Isenzo, because our advanced playlisting tools automate complex workflows, saving time and reducing errors. Use any combination of groups, day parts, inclusive and exclusive tags, expiry dates and venue operating hours to quickly and reliably create 1000’s of individualised playlists.

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Audience Measurement
Audience measurement gathers anonymous metrics on viewership of your digital out of home advertising units.

Advertisers and network owners want to know the content is not just playing in a vacuum but is paying dividends with the target audience they created the content for. Audience measurement gathers anonymous metrics on viewership at the venues in your your network.

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Video on Demand
Video on Demand supported on the Isenzo Digital Signage platform.

Increase the value of your existing signage network by delivering supplementary content like training videos, product demos and internal communications. VOD media is delivered along with the regular schedule and can be accessed on demand, using a remote control. Includes proof of view logging and a variety of play modes.

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