Monitoring and Alerts | Digital Signage Cloud

With the Isenzo Digital Signage Cloud device management dashboard we provides you with a real-time view of the status of every device connected to your account.

Monitoring and Alerts

We know keeping tabs on all the screens in a network is important to the people responsible for maintenance, as well as the owners of the network. Knowing how long ago our servers have acknowledged a player poll is crucial to troubleshoot potential problems in a network. There could be connectivity outages in a specific area, a player may be experiencing technical issues or a player may be playing the content but the screen that it is attached to may be off. Our user interface allows you to snapshot the live network to immediately see which players are under performing or delve deeper into a historical report that analyses network performance over time.

We provide a range of tools and views on your network to help you ascertain where the problem lies as well as the ability to define player thresholds that will trigger email alerts directly to users responsible for sorting those issues out:

Player health view gives a live snapshot of all the players on a network. Here you can see when they were last online, whether they are playing the latest schedule and whether the screen is on or not.

Map views provide geographic overview of all the venues in a particular network. User can instantly see which venues are experiencing issues and drill down into the venues themselves to get a detailed overview of players in those venues.

Network performance tracks your network performance over time and compare theoretical up-time to actual up-time across all players to determine which networks and players are under performing. This crucial data makes it possible to target areas that need special attention.

An alert system constantly monitors players on the network. Users responsible for network issues can be configured to receive targeted emails when certain threshold limits on players have been reached. If a player has not polled into Isenzo Cloud for a predefined period of time alerts are send out and must be responded to in the application UI by the responsible user within a predefined time. If no acknowledgement is received the issue is escalated to the account holder. Daily reminders of passed issues not resolved are emailed to all responsible parties.

Audience Measurement
Audience measurement gathers anonymous metrics on viewership of your digital out of home advertising units.

Advertisers and network owners want to know the content is not just playing in a vacuum but is paying dividends with the target audience they created the content for. Audience measurement gathers anonymous metrics on viewership at the venues in your your network.

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Advanced Scheduling
Schedule marketing content on the Isenzo digital signage cloud platform.

Content schedulers love Isenzo, because our advanced playlisting tools automate complex workflows, saving time and reducing errors. Use any combination of groups, day parts, inclusive and exclusive tags, expiry dates and venue operating hours to quickly and reliably create 1000’s of individualised playlists.

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HTML Widgets
HTML5 Widgets for Digital Signage apps.

Create multi-media content that combines live data with animation. Perfect for menus, exchange rates, weather and other information displays where elements of the display need to refresh automatically. Also suitable for automating Twitter, RSS and other media feeds. Schedule widgets as full screen content or part of a multi-zone layout.

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