Isenzo Case Study – Supa Quick


Supa Quick is South Africa’s leading auto fitment specialist, with over 250 dealers located throughout the country. The franchise started in 1986 and has been 100% committed to its core values of service excellence, convenience and expertise since inception.

Bamboo Beat Media is a digital media agency specialising in the implementation and management of digital signage solutions across Southern Africa. In operation since 2008, their client base covers both the retail and corporate sectors. Bamboo Beat Media is unique in the fact that it is a firm that strives to always offer the most personal and customised service.


One of Supa Quick’s key strategies for service excellence is to ensure that staff are constantly improving their skills. This is achieved by enhancing their knowledge on auto fitment standards and keeping them up to date with the latest research and development.

When Supa Quick engaged Bamboo Beat Media to implement a digital signage network across their franchise, a key requirement was the delivery and management of video training material, in addition to customer-facing digital out of home advertising.

A further complication was the limitation of the physical environment. The lounges had recently been refurbished - so media players had to be small enough to fit behind screens which had been incorporated into bulkheads and drywall cavities. No major construction/physical alterations were permitted.


Free standing digital signage kiosks were installed in all branches. Integrated Android players run a customised version of the Isenzo player application with a push video-on-demand function. This enables content managers to deliver supplementary VOD media along with scheduled content, to each media player.

During normal operation, the media player displays scheduled advertising and promotional content to customers who are waiting in the service lounge. These schedules utilise Isenzo’s advanced capabilities, including venue tagging, dayparts and expiry dates.

To access the training videos, staff simply use a remote control to interrupt the schedule and bring up a VOD menu. To simplify the user experience, the interface works much like a typical PVR or media centre. Content is organised by brand or product category, allowing quick access to specific items. Full trick play is available on each video.


Uptake from individual brands has been excellent providing a constant flow of content to keep staff up to date with the latest products and installation best practices. Viewership metrics from each branch are logged and uploaded to the cloud server, providing the management team with detailed insights about the frequency and location of viewership.

Project Partners

  • Solution Design Isenzo, Bamboo Beat Media
  • Installation and Network Management Bamboo Beat Media
  • Content Management and Production Bamboo Beat Media, Supa Quick